This brand is the manifestation of everything that drives me and everything I believe in. It affirms my sincere desire to reconcile essential polarities.

On the one hand the need to create, like a perpetual movement at the very heart of life. On the other, the essential commitment to responsible fashion.

I am convinced that fashion that embodies the energy of creation makes a garment as unique as a work of art. Color is a language that shines on oneself and others. I am committed to offering clothes that fill those who wear them with a feeling of radiance and singularity, of strength and joy. Clothing has the power to transform the perception we have of ourselves.

I decided to create a line of arty and committed products, made in France in limited edition in organic cotton and printed according to Eco-cert certification. I propose a new definition of sustainable. Pieces designed to stand the test of time thanks to the quality of the materials and the demands of the cut. But also an emotional attachment that lasts thanks to the different lives to which these genderfluid clothes lend themselves. Fashion is an art of the present where emotion is renewed depending on the moment and the context, like in front of a work of art.

For fashion that is creatively strong and moving, demanding and responsible.