Télérama article, 07/15/20 “Art, design, fashion: in Aubusson, tapestry is gaining ground” written by Xavier de Jarcy “Carpet furniture, jacket, cap, panoramic… all woven to perfection. For ten years, thanks to artists, tapestry, which we thought was obsolete, has been reinvented. And proves it in a superb exhibition to see until September 21 in Aubusson. Can we speak of a renaissance of the Aubusson tapestry? In the 2000s, the workshops and factories in the Creuse city had been closing one after the other for a long time. In 2009, UNESCO listed this artistic craft as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In 2010, a regional fund was set up to relaunch the activity by anchoring it in contemporary creation. He places orders with painters, designers, illustrators, calligraphers, videographers and fashion stylists. While some thought that Aubusson no longer interested anyone, nearly 1,300 artists from 45 countries responded to these calls for creation. Ten years after the launch, in the upper rooms of the Jean-Lurçat Cultural and Artistic Center and at the Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie, inaugurated in 2016, an exhibition brings together the works created. What a facelift, what diversity! The tapestry, this strange object coming from a time when there was little distinction between art, furniture and crafts, is available today in multiple ways. Here is a nice overview. (….) French fashion designer, Christine Phung has here pushed tapestry to its limits: usually designed to be worked flat, it is woven according to a “pattern” and sewn to make a garment. This “teddy” features shimmering patterns inspired by computer display errors. In the same series, resulting from a 2015 call for projects, other designers have designed dresses, coats, caps... “10 years of contemporary creation”, until September 21 at the Jean-Lurçat Cultural and Artistic Center and at the International Tapestry City, Aubusson (23). Such. : 05 55 66 66 66. International City of the Aubusson Tapestry