For her first collection entitled “RED DIAMOND MINE”, Christine Phung imagines the story of a woman who falls to the bottom of a red diamond mine. She creates a print inspired by the diffraction of white light which when it passes through a prism diffracts and becomes multi-colored, a pattern composed of an infinite multitude of small triangles assembled and digitally printed on silk. From this exploratory journey, she sculpts dresses with organic pleats, patched stripes inspired by geological strata and drapes like contour curves. Teddys in patchwork wool shades and kimono coats with round volumes soften the lines and protect the silhouette. With a radiant, powerful geranium red, Christine Phung plays with the reverse and reverse side of fabrics to better facet and sculpt a contemporary silhouette with a couture look and sportswear accents. This collection is completed by a line of leather goods, with graphic clutches and color-block satchels, and a collaboration with shoe designer Marion Hanania, for the design of a line of platform shoes and derbies. -interpreted.