For her 4th collection, “LIQUID DILUTION” Christine Phung was interested in the theme of water and its reflections, in this indescribable moment when when we dive, we have this feeling of dissolving in the effervescence of the elements . At this moment when swimming underwater, the sun infiltrates and draws plays of reflections on the skin like laces of shimmering technological lights which envelop the body. Christine Phung collaborated for this collection with the American artist William James Thurman, who draws infinite lines using a piece of driftwood, and mirror printed one of his drawings in very large format on Silk. She also collaborated with textile designer Tzuri Gueta to create lace polymerized with silicone, applied in plates, to create coated garments with an astonishing volume texture effect, like underwater white coral. Translucent organza patchworks, enhanced with Swarovski crystals, faceted clothing, pleated electric blue silk dresses, hanging bare backs, reversible jacquard jackets inspired by the design of an exploding drop of water, the tailoring pieces dissolve, the structures are disarticulated to better emphasize their functions, the collars are laminated for more sensuality. Christine Phung defines a very feminine universe where the boundaries of solid, liquid and air blur.