For her 9th collection “LA QUADRATURE DU CERCLE”, Christine Phung chose to work in a capsule format, with around twenty looks. This collection highlights a motif created with the artist Mathieu Mercier, from his series of paintings representing “Diamonds”. This season she explores the explosion, the distortion, the facets in shades of color, the play of transparencies and dives into the reflections of emerald green and its gradients. Throughout this collection, gigantic diamond-shaped prints are alternately embroidered with metal thread or feathers, or cut into patchworks of raw denim. This season, Christine Phung also collaborated with the exceptional embroiderer Janaïna Milheiro for haute-couture feather marquetry. For a universe that expresses itself in nuances and strength, with feminine, fluid lines for cut, constructed and free woman's silhouettes.