Some pictures of our backstage during the fall-winter 15 fashion show shot by Vincent Lappartient, Marie-Amélie Tondu, Anh Huy Pham. Print credit: Marisha Gulmann – Fall-Winter 2015-2016 Collection “Glitchology”, 7th Collection Christine Phung is fascinated by new digital aesthetics: a digital world with perfect appearances that art shakes up and reworks to finally make it poetic. “In digital arts, beauty is born from diversion, slippage, even digital error. The motif becomes more human, it becomes portable. And this is where the bridge between the technological world and fashion can be made.” “Glitchology” the 7th collection by Christine Phung clearly refers to glitches, these electrical or digital errors, as a return of movement in a frozen world. She offers chic and technological clothing, free and serious, a luxury wardrobe for generation Y. Once again, her collection blurs the lines between sporty and chic. It is both strange and wearable, combining strict and structured cuts (tweed wool sets) with casual pieces (like its classic teddy, revisited with each collection, or even bombers). The silhouettes are supple, energetic. Christine Phung dresses an active woman, a woman on the move, with distinguished sophistication. “The woman I envision travels and explores whatever she wants. She has long broken down the barriers between movement and elegance. She is beautiful because she can do. ". A movement accompanied by soft materials (silk, cashmere, etc.) worked like technical materials: pleated with a foam effect, wool with metallic reflections or large 3D weaves assembled on an evening sweatshirt. The prints clearly come from digital arts; they are both wild and structured, going beyond the pattern, with a balanced play between black and colors. The whole creates a futuristic wardrobe, an accessible avant-garde, which places Christine Phung at the heart of her era; a time where technology and elegance go hand in hand; where digital is no longer a frontier.