For her 7th collection “GLITCHOLOGIE”, whose fashion show took place at the Institut du monde Arabe, Christine Phung explored the theme of digital bugs, “Glitches”. The print for this collection was made in collaboration with an artist, Marisha Gulmann, who used a broken camera to take photos of flowers, which created slippages and colorful halos. Christine Phung is therefore exploring a universe this season inspired by digital aesthetics, the digital world as an inner journey, the poetry of error, the beauty of ready-mades, the dissonant harmony and the slight deconstructions which come to bug constructed silhouettes, which come twist the drapes and offset pleated dresses with colorful purple halos. Metallic tweeds, patchworks, black Swarovski crystal embroidery, lacquered taffeta, the fabrics are undulating and emphasize the constructions of the lines. The trio of musicians Mode-F created an exclusive soundtrack for the show, made of experimental, mental and hypnotizing music. Between strict elegance and luxury, sensual, fluid sportswear, the Christine Phung woman is a contemporary explorer of our new digital world.