For her 5th collection, “AN ESCAPE TO THE MOUNTAINS” Christine Phung imagines the story of a woman in the mountains on a dark night, under a starry sky. She begins to slalom between the fir trees, in deep powder snow. Intoxicated by her own speed, she feels that the elements around her – the rocks, the snow, the ice, the stars, the forest, the tree stumps – envelop and carry her. His tracks in the snow cut the landscape, his mind is intoxicated by the shock between the heat of his body and the metallic cold that brushes against his skin. She no longer knows whether she is falling or flying, whether it is a springboard or the roof of a chalet, the light of a chimney fire or a fire on the other side of the mountain. the mountain, but she has the strange impression of losing consciousness, in a torpor mixed with sweetness. In her quest for introspection and freedom, she wears clothes in marquetry-style patchworks of cashmere wool, sparkling snow crystals, jacquards woven with snowy mountains and pleated dresses with a fireplace digitally printed on silk.