In 2015, the Aubusson Tapestry City is launching a call for creation on the specific theme of Fashion. The First Prize was won by Christine Phung in 2016 and the weaving is carried out at the Atelier Catherine Bernet in Felletin. The end of the loom took place in April 2018, at the end of the weaving period. Christine Phung imagined a “glitch” pattern, inspired by display errors and electronic failures, drawing this inspiration from the digital aesthetics of the new generation Y. Deliberately blurred, the pattern here gives a sensation of movement. This pattern also refers to old tapestries, which were woven backwards, by several people at the same time and which sometimes contain joining errors. Christine Phung thus continues her experimental work on the poetic meaning that can be given to errors, to the beauty of imperfection and “ready-mades”. In reference to the 2D patterns, which are transformed into three-dimensional volumes thanks to the assemblies of the seams, the cut of the sleeves of this Teddy jacket is inspired by the cut of kimonos which lies completely flat with as few seams as possible.