Paris, March 5. Christine Phung

Designer Christine Phung created her own brand to be able to offer an inspiring and energizing wardrobe, while reconciling a commitment to responsible fashion. To accessorize her new “arty & sustainable” collection, it was quite natural that the designer turned to Headoniste, the first French brand of luxury, custom-made caps, entirely made in France.

The common project wants to express the trace of movement, reconcile emotion and timelessness, use the pattern as a language to give as much energy as possible. The strength of the colors and patterns of this collection recharge our joy of living. To enhance this print, the choice of material was a milleraies velvet cotton made in France. The rest is written in the exceptional workshops, a living heritage company, of the Headoniste brand. Thanks to the know-how of artisan hatters, the result is exceptional.