Christine Phung is committed to made in France. An essential name in French fashion, Christine Phung is one of the rare designers to combine the functions of artistic director for big names in fashion, while continuing to develop her own label through new collections or collaborations with different brands."
(...)"Very committed to the planet and reasonable consumption, this collection is for the designer the way to imagine shirts and dresses in organic cotton, printed with eco-certified inks and made in France in a sewing workshop in Paris, the skirts and scarves are sewn at La Fabrique Nomade, a solidarity workshop for the professional reintegration of migrant and refugee craftsmen in France.
(...)Christine Phung takes the style helm at La Francaise_mailles in order to support the knitwear brand in a new era, entirely focused on modernity and 100% digital distribution. Faithful to her passion for prints and color, the designer imagines a rejuvenated collection, in which she has fun playing with trendy tones, gradients and patterns." Thank you for the Fashion Spider article.