CONTEXT The#ProtegeTonSoignant collective is a multidisciplinary team whose mission is to help caregivers to overcome this terrible health crisis by identifying urgent needs of hospitals. They then buy and deliver the medical equipment they need, as quickly as possible. The demands of hospitals are tremendous all across France. The online money pot #ProtegeTonSoignant is increasing every day, but the donations are still insufficient given the needs from hospitals that they receive every day. There is more than 20 million euros pending requests for equipment. Today, fashion players are mobilizing, all together, alongside #ProtegeTonSoignant and are committing themselves with a strong, creative and united movement to support caregivers. This initiative is supported by #ProtegeTonSoignant and supported by the Haute Couture and Fashion Federation and the French Fashion Institute. LA MODE S’ENGAGE FASHION AUCTION The fashion industry comes together for a unique auction of iconic vintage pieces, imagined by creators, for the benefit of #ProtegeTonSoignant. Each participating designer selects from one of their collections, a piece (clothing or accessory) that they reinterpret in the colors of #ProtegeTonSoignant – electric blue. From emerging designers to landmark Maisons, the whole fashion industry – symbol of the French culture – expresses its support for caregivers, united with them: they are essential actors to overcome the crisis. The pieces created for this sale will be sold at auction on a dedicated platform. The profits from this sale will be integrated directly into the money pot so that it can be used immediately for the benefit of caregivers. The creations will be sent to buyers at the end of the lock down. #ProtegeTonSoignant will ensure the logistics (pick up of pieces and deliveries). BIDS START FOR ALL PIECES AT 100€ DATES: MAY 1st – 12 pm I MAY 4th 11.59 pm (PARIS TIME) REGISTER ON: WWW.LAMODESENGAGE.FR